A split system lets you use one outdoor unit to power and supply multiple indoor units. The value of multiple indoor units is that you can set individual temperatures for each room of your house. You control the settings and can adjust the units to improve your level of comfort.

Split system units are also cost efficient and can save you money over conventional air conditioning units. They are also cheap to install and easy to maintain.

The split system uses inverter technology that creates high speed cooling and heating. That way you can get the temperature right where you want it faster than you would with a non-inverter powered system.


The split system is compact and easy to install, making it practical for any size of house, no matter how small. And the flexibility allowed by the system makes sure it can power large houses with many rooms. In fact, the power of the split system, when working with multiple indoor units lets it cool up to nine rooms at once.

Our Panasonic split system model uses e-ion technology to remove dust from the room. The unit checks rooms for dust and dirt particles every 24 hours. It also traps dust particles in the filter while purifying the air in the room.

The Samsung Maximus model comes with a D’light mode which helps control humidity levels. The unit detects humidity in the room while regulating the temperature. The unit can then decrease humidity levels continuously until the optimum comfort level is reached. The unit can also automatically change from heating to cooling settings to reach the preprogrammed temperature. The Maximus detects the temperature in the room then adjusts its heat or cooling output until it reaches the desired temperature.


All of our split system units are designed with your comfort in mind. Many of their features are automatic and work around the temperature you are comfortable with. Because they can switch from heating a room to cooling it down, these split system units are the best way to ensure your comfort level is maintained.

The Fujitsu model is one of the most energy efficient models on the market. It is designed to modulate itself automatically so it maintains the proper temperature without having to use a lot of power.

Since these powerful systems can do so much for themselves, you spend less time monitoring them and more time doing what you like. You often won’t even know the systems are there because they are working so quietly and so perfectly, maintaining a specific temperature without your input.

There are plenty of air conditioning stores out there for Australian shoppers. But only we offer unrivaled value coupled with a great selection and an unbeatable price.

We have name brand air conditioning units like Fujitsu, Panasonic, and Samsung. These are the names you trust at a price that cannot be matched.

All of our split system air conditioning units use inverter technology; so you can be assured you are getting state-of-the-art power. Inverter technology gets you into your temperature comfort zone fast.

And when you buy from us, you can rest easy knowing you will be getting continuous support. Even after your system is installed, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team will gladly answer all your questions and handle all your concerns.


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