Reverse Cycle solutions are becoming more popular as they provide both heating and cooling solutions from the one system. Through an energy efficient process, during summer the system transfer the heat from your house to outside and in winter the reverse process happens.

LG provide uniquely designed systems, with the latest technologies to ensure optimum comfort. LG’s latest ducted system line up incorporates superior functionality with design.

We specialize in designing efficient systems, by matching the number of zones in your house to your living patterns and requirements. This creates the perfectly matched environment and living conditions that you want!


Meaning during the hot summers, your system can run optimally by allowing you to switch off areas in your house which are not in use, therefore saving you energy and running costs.

Panasonic designs and provides households worldwide with energy efficient and affordable solutions. Advancements in technology allows Panasonic to remain at the forefront of Reverse Cycle solutions today. If you’re interested in getting a fantastic reverse cycle air conditioner installed today at an affordable price with brand name components, just fill in our quote form!


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