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Evaporative Systems

Evaporative Air conditioners  Evaporative Air Conditioning Systems, are an extremely effective and environmentally friendly way to cool your house. Stay cool whilst reducing your environmental footprint!

Reverse Cycle

Reverse Cycle Air conditioners  Reverse Cycle Systems are the most common systems used Australia wide. Take control of your cooling needs whilst saving space, energy and money.

Split System

Split System Air conditioners  Split System Air Conditioners are an effective heating and cooling solution with a host of benefits that give you great heating and cooling options anytime you like! 



Keeping Your Air Conditioning Perth Unit Maintained

Your air conditioning unit will last longer and run better if you practice regular care and maintenance with it. You will also lower repair costs by taking good care of your unit.

What to Check

You should change your air conditioner’s filter every few months. During the summer when it is being used more often, you may have to change it more regularly. Also, very dirty homes or homes with pets will need to have the filters changed more often as well. The dirt, dust and grime that can clog up your filter will cause your air conditioner to work at reduced capacity, to use more energy and absorb heat less efficiently.

Note that not all types of filters are replaceable. Some you can throw out and replace, but others are meant to be cleaned and reused.

Your unit’s coils should be checked as well. The coil can accumulate dirt over time, preventing the air from flowing smoothly and impairing its heat absorption.

You can usually see the condenser coil without having to look very hard and be able to tell if it is dirty and in need of cleaning.

When to Use a Professional

The regular maintenance of the air conditioning unit is something you can do on your own. But for serious problems, you need to bring in air conditioning Perth professionals.

If your air conditioning unit stops working, makes odd noises or is leaking water, then you need to call a professional right away. The longer you allow a problem to persists, the worse it will become and the more expensive it will be for you.

During a repair visit for your AC unit an air conditioning Perth professional should check your unit’s refrigerant levels, look for leaks, search for air seepage in the ducts and conduct tests for the airflow.

Many problems that your air conditioning unit experiences can be repaired by a professional without the need to replace the unit entirely. You simply have to make sure to catch these problems in time. That’s why it is so important to call for professional help as soon as your air conditioning unit malfunctions.

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